ETR - Tech Talks!

ETR - Tech Talks!

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Voicenote 003 - why would you need #CyberInsurance??
January 22, 2019

Our CEO Steve, gives a mental debrief after a long day on the phone to clients. We are working hard on an integrated system, to offer a service that will 'Grade' your cyber security. This grade is designed to let you know what level of insurance you may n

Voicenote 002 - If you haven't got Cyber Insurance, It's not new! Catch up!
January 17, 2019

Cyber Insurance claims rose over 100% last year, Is your broker ready for it? Our CEO Steve (yes he is very passionate about Insurance) talks about how brokers are missing the point when insuring your company! You can be left exposed by these mistakes so

Voicenote 001 - They didn't dodge the broker!
January 16, 2019

"Nobody wants to talk to an insurance broker" - Join our CEO Steve as he heads home from London. After another busy day talking blockchain tech, risk and exposure whilst breaking down barriers in emerging markets Steve reflects on the industry and the per