Esri & The Science of Where

Esri & The Science of Where

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Why Smart Companies Focus on Data, Context, and Water
September 19, 2019

Charles Fishman, New York Times best-selling author of One Giant Leap and The Big Thirst, talks about the power of context for business growth and risk management.

Retail: Rethinking Customer Journeys with Next-Generation Location Analytics
May 29, 2019

Leslie Hand, Vice President of Retail Insights at IDC, discusses the importance of context in the creation of dynamic consumer experiences.

Data and Location: From Insights to Action
May 10, 2019

Mike Lippmann from Blue Raster explains how location data and advanced analytics empower decision making.

Digital Innovation in Local Government and the Public Sector
April 11, 2019

Sharon Stanley, Director of the Information Services Department at Cobb County, Georgia, shares her experiences digitally transforming Cobb County's IT.

How the Utility Industry is Preparing for the Future
March 27, 2019

Kevin Prouty, Group VP of Energy and Manufacturing Insights at IDC, explains how utilities use advanced analytics and the geospatial cloud to achieve sustainability.

The Power of Design Thinking
March 05, 2019

Tom Fisher, author of Designing Our Way to a Better World, explains how data and visualization empower solution design.

Lessons on Resilience and Reinvention in Cities and Businesses
February 20, 2019

Authors and journalists James and Deborah Fallows detail their observations of civic and economic renewal in American small towns.

Tapping into the Business Value of Imagery and Geospatial Information
January 22, 2019

Lawrie Jordan, Director of Imagery and Remote Sensing at Esri, explains how imagery brings efficiency and productivity to business and government.