Esri & The Science of Where

Esri & The Science of Where

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Jacobs' Geospatial Approach to Problem Solving
November 15, 2021

Michelle Watson, Global Director for Geospatial Solutions at Jacobs, explains how cities and businesses are using geospatial thinking and technology to facilitate sustainable planning and construction around the world.

Drone Delivery Is Coming. Here's How It's Going to Happen.
November 09, 2021

Michael Healander, founder and CEO of Airspace Link, talks about drone delivery technology and how robotic flight is improving efficiency in the logistics industry.

Technology Priorities in the Government CIO Office
October 26, 2021

Teri Takai, vice president for the Center for Digital Government and former CIO for the states of Michigan and California, describes the rise of geospatial technology and location intelligence in governance.

Protecting the Web of Life—The Science Behind the Half-Earth Project
October 13, 2021

Paula Ehrlich, President and CEO at E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, explains the science behind the project to save half the earth's critical habitats.

Climate Resilience in America's Hottest City
September 28, 2021

Mark Hartman, CSO for the City of Phoenix, Arizona, talks about the importance of leveraging technology to create sustainable cities. Test.

Reexamining Humanity: The Correspondent Walking the World
September 14, 2021

Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek discusses his decade-long walk from Africa to South America.

How Drones, Data, and Citizen Science Are Advancing Marine Biology
August 28, 2021

Marine biologist Dr. Vanessa Pirotta and location intelligence expert Brett Dixon discuss the use of drones and GIS to study humpback whales.

Data-Driven Intelligence: How One of America’s Largest Newspapers Beat the Odds
August 18, 2021

Brian Kennett, VP of digital advertising at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, describes how geospatial technology has helped provide key insights about its advertisers’ customers.

How the CDC Uses Location Technology to Fight Public Health Emergencies
August 04, 2021

Andy Dent, Program Director at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, explains the role location intelligence plays in CDC’s response to public health emergencies and disease outbreaks.

A Path to Business Resilience in an Era of Climate Change
July 26, 2021

Stephen Bourne, Project Director at Atkins, explains the power of simulating climate change events to improve predictive models and guide infrastructure decisions.