Espresso Thoughts

Espresso Thoughts

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Ep. 26 - Babies
August 18, 2019

No we are not pregnant. :)  Listen to us discuss the ways we plan on raising our babies as two inexperienced individuals...

Ep. 25 - Catching Up
August 11, 2019

Hey Everyone, sorry to have missed you the last few weeks. Raquel and I try and catch you up to all the craziness that has been happening...

Ep. 24 - Decision Making w/guest Valerie
July 21, 2019

What powers your decision making?  We discuss our theories with guest Valerie.

Ep. 23 - Our First Guest Appearance!!
July 14, 2019

Today we have our first guest appear on the show, Valerie. Listen to her battle Raquel in our newest game show created by Andrew.

Ep. 22 - Divorce!
July 07, 2019

Listen to us discuss a few different reasons why we believe people get divorced these days.

Ep. 21 - Game Show: Can Raquel Win $100?
June 29, 2019

We discuss success of game shows and Raquel gets to play contestant and try to win $100.

Ep. 20 - Best way to Hydrate and did they say SKY DIVE!!
June 23, 2019

Listen to us discuss our sky diving trip and the best liquid to hydrate with!

Ep. 19 - We're Back! Discussing our Cali Trip.
June 11, 2019

Catch up with what we've been up to the past 2 1/2 weeks. We missed you guys!

Ep. 18 - Inner Circle and Would You Rather Game
May 25, 2019

Listen to us discuss the details of an inner circle and the importance of trust, after we play an entertaining game of Would You Rather.

Ep. 17 - Television oh how far you have come
May 19, 2019

Hang out with Raquel and Andrew as they go back 20 years to talk about their experience with TV.