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Esports Wrap 69: FGCOC, Olympic Virtual Series & Esports Certification Institute
April 30, 2021 Esports Wrap is back, and this week we're talking about the Fighting Game Community's Code of Conduct or FGCOC - how it started, where it's at, and more - along wi

Esports Wrap 68: The whole Xbox/PS5 stocking & bots fiasco
November 18, 2020

For months, both the Xbox Series X and Series S, along with the Playstation 5 were released - but many aren't able to get them for themselves due to low stock, bots, scalpers, and more. Today, we're g

Esports Wrap 67: An interview w/ Jennie Hsu from Spellbreak
November 04, 2020 Welcome to the new season of Esports Wrap! To kick things off, we have a special guest from #Spellbreak, their Producer, Jennie Hsu! Original airing date: Nov 3

Esports Wrap 66: Gambling in Esports w/ Blaine Graboyes & Ian Smith
May 03, 2020 On this episode of Esports Wrap, we have special guests Blaine Graboyes from GameCo, a company bringing video gaming and esports to casinos, and Ian Smith, Commiss

Esports Wrap 65: Local vs Online events & Corona Updates
March 29, 2020 Local vs Online events for esports, what's the pros, cons, and how's it affect things with corona causing a panic? This and some corona esports updates in this we

Esports Wrap 64: Simulations & Coronavirus affecting esports
March 29, 2020 We're talking about simulator games and how the Corona virus is affecting the esports world! Original airdate: March 3rd, 2020

Esports Wrap 63: The Bahamas CoD Team Interviews + BESF Update
March 05, 2020 We're interviewing the BESF's Call of Duty team who won 3-0 against Colombia! Plus a BESF update at the end. Original airdate: March 3rd, 2020

Esports Wrap 62: Bahamians at Big House & Battle for the East 2019
November 06, 2019 We're interviewing some of the Bahamians who have gone off to international esports competitions and actually competed. Original airing date: October 22nd, 2019

Esports Wrap 61: The Bahamas Esports Federation
November 06, 2019 This episode is for everyone to find out more about The Bahamas Esports Federation, our plans, vision and mission for video gaming, esports and The Bahamas. Ori

Esports Wrap 60: Gaming and Climate Change?
November 06, 2019 Climate change is a hot topic right now (pun intended), and gaming companies are working to help prevent it. Let's dig into this controversial topic for this episo