Escape The 9-5 LIVE with RJC

Escape The 9-5 LIVE with RJC

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March 08, 2019

I think this is it!

I'm BACK baby
March 04, 2019

After an audio hiatus I come back with news on work, entrepreneurship and jiujitsu

Day 11, back to Jits, back in the Tub.
February 09, 2019

Back to BJJ, back in the tub. More vids.

Day 9 - Its getting closer!
February 07, 2019

Second sales call today guys

First Client!
February 06, 2019

Buzzing! Its happening..

Day 8 - use a bad day for motivation!
February 05, 2019

Learning to channel my emotions in my 9 to 5 in to positive actions

Day 7 - I stole something
February 04, 2019

My Video ads launched laat night, and I stole something ..

February 03, 2019

Upgraded the video suite and pricing today! Lets make a grand in Feb

Day 6 "Ah Ha! Moment"
February 02, 2019

I have a new plan ..

Day 5 - First Sales Call
February 01, 2019

I had my first sales call last night