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Raw, Real & Vulnerable
February 12, 2024

Hey, Herp A Derpers! Bek Antonucci is an empowerment coach and host of the Raw, Real, and Vulnerable Podcast, empowering women to live fearlessly and expressively. In this episode, join in on a conversation with them as they share their spiritual insigh

I'm Back! Herpes Community
January 22, 2024

Hey, Herp A Derpers!In this episode, Erin welcomes a new season with updates and introduces a new segment: Herpes Community. She talks about the upcoming "Sexual Health is Mental Health" virtual conference she plans to attend on May 23, 2024,

Stay True to You
February 27, 2023

Hey, Herp A Derpers!In this episode, Erin shares a life lesson about dating with herpes. She discovers that despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves. An insightful life update

Positively Positive
October 24, 2022

Hey, Herp A Derpers!Sarah, the host of the award-winning podcast, famously known as the Positively Positive, chats with Herp A Derp!In this episode, Sarah and Erin talk about all things herpes, vulnerability, and what it's like to date a podcast host. A

Break Free From Herpes
October 17, 2022

Hey, Herp A Derpers!Chris Pickering is a fitness coach with HSV-2 who isn't letting his diagnosis stop him from anything. In this episode of Herp A Derp, Chris and Erin talk about herpes through self-development, health and philosophy. If you're re

Herpes Cure Advocacy
October 10, 2022

Hey, Herp A Derpers!There are 6 billion people globally living with herpes (HSV).In this episode of Herp A Derp, Herpes Cure Advocacy and Erin discuss the evolution of STIs and what herpes research studies have found that's influencing major scientific

Gallery For Positive People
October 03, 2022

Hey, Herp A Derpers!Zia Oshun is an incredible abstract artist who is the creator of the Gallery For Positive People. A platform for STI positive individuals to express themselves and build awareness of our lived experiences through creating and sharing

Challenge Yourself to Change
January 10, 2022

Hey, Herp A Derpers!Carrie Pullaro is an empowerment coach, well-being yogi and herpes advocate. She helps others tap into their feminine energy by finding balance and structure in the mind, body, and soul. Learn the ways to live your life with herp

Let's Open Up About Herpes: FemiClear
October 11, 2021

Hey, Herp A Derpers!Are you familiar with the phrase "Joie de hooha'? FemiClear's iconic tagline celebrates the joy of a "hooha" that has been quickly remedied into an all-natural and organic treatment for yeast infections and genital herpes relief.&nbsp

Monolaurin & Natural Cure Labs
August 30, 2021

Hey, Herp A Derpers!Do you know about monolaurin? Made from coconuts, monolaurin has been researched for its immune support by Natural Cure Labs, a winning research-driven company that creates dietary products with all-natural ingredients. An African Jou