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erikaalaura's podcast

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Releasing Anxiety, Depression and Frustration
April 22, 2020

Hi Everyone! In today's clearing we are letting go of Anxiety, Depression, Frustration and most importantly blocks to having compassion and understanding for yourself and others. We dive into releasing Judgement and Intolerance for both ourselves and...

Releasing Money Fear & the Hive Mind
March 23, 2020

Hi Everyone!! In today's clearing we are releasing any blocks to Money, Income, Security and Resources. I also release any energy where you may be sucked into the "Hive Mind" & picking up on Collective Fear/ Panic or Despair. We bring lots of...

Releasing Coronavirus Fear/ Worry Part 2
March 18, 2020

Hi Everyone! Here is this week's clearing to release anything accumulated from the last week as we move through the "Coronavirus Experience" together. In this week's clearing I am addressing Collective Fear/Worry, I also address any discomfort you are...

Releasing Coronavirus Fear/ Panic Pt 1
March 18, 2020

Hi Everyone! This is a clearing to release fear, panic and anxiety you are feeling about the Coronavirus. I've had so many clients contact me to ask for this clearing- I hope you feel much lighter and more relaxed after listening to this one. Sending...

Healing the Hurt from a Narcissist/ Empath Relationship
November 12, 2019

Today we are healing any of the discordant energy you are holding from being an Empath in an Abusive relationship with a Narcissist.  Regardless of when this may have occurred or the specifics of the relationship we are releasing any of the...

Releasing the Experience of being Bullied, Mistreated or Abused
November 11, 2019

Hello Gorgeous Beings! I'm back in action and excited to bring you the 1st clearing to lay the foundation for healing wounds around the Narcissist/ Empath dynamic.   Today we are looking at where you are a match to being bullied, mistreated or...

Releasing Blocks to Being a Leader
October 13, 2019

This clearing is a request from a subscriber who wanted to me to look at blocks to stepping into being a leader or leadership roles and releasing blocks to avoiding responsibility or fear of stepping into positions of power.

Are you ALLOWED to be LUCKY??
October 02, 2019

In today's free clearing we are releasing your blocks to LUCK and clearing any beliefs you are not allowed to be lucky. Another word for luck is alignment-- so we are checking if you are allowed to be aligned and in the FLOW! :D We are releasing...

Releasing Stuck Energy from Deep Wounds creating Addiction and Self Harm
August 06, 2019

This week's free clearing is about releasing the deeper wounds under the experience of Addiction or Self Harming behavior. These underlying motivations for addiction or self harming behavior could be related to keeping the original wound buried OR...

Releasing Overwhelm, Exhaustion and Negative Energy held on the Physical Body
July 25, 2019

In today's clearing we are releasing any exhaustion and overwhelm you are running. This includes physical exhaustion from the energy of the past few weeks! We are also releasing negative energy you are holding on your body that is creating heaviness,...