The Erick and Brad Show

The Erick and Brad Show

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Episode 93
October 13, 2022

Brad is nervous about his trip, we are entering the holiday season and we talk a bunch about holidays in general, Ericks wife had something stolen off their front porch, Erick has complaints about peo

Episode 92
September 22, 2022

Brad thinks all of us need to go to church, and speaking of church, Erick got a tattoo covered up and it wasn't cheap. Erick also painted the outside of his house and it was a bit of a disaster, we ta

Episode 91
September 07, 2022

We're back for Episode 91 and go over people in Denver getting locked out of their thermostats to adjust their air conditioning, Brad buying a house, Brad planning his annual football trip, Erick watc

Episode 90
July 17, 2022

We're back and cover the craziness going on in Brads life, and hear all about how Ericks wedding went. Brad finally read The Shining and we talk about that for a bit, Brad was tripping out looking at

Episode 89
June 26, 2022

Brad tells a story. Then we play the guest appearance we did on the podcast Spot Lyte On... NEW CARL FLYSTONE VIDEO email the show at Erick and Brad on YouTube: Erick and Brad on Apple Podcasts:

Episode 88
June 12, 2022

Brad quit juuling and is suffering greatly but also feels superior to smokers and vapers now, we talk a bunch about Andrew Tate and what we love/hate about him, Erick is pissed about a local news stat

Episode 87
June 07, 2022

Brad is going to a wedding, Erick tells a story about working at a wedding, Erick is in an ongoing dish situation with a lady down the street, Brad talks about Top Gun again, Erick had a washer/dryer

Episode 86
May 22, 2022

It's a solo Brad show this week, he talks about Top Gun 2, his trip to Idaho, a friend who recently passed away, fentanyl deaths and drugs in this country, crypto, and he reads some of his old writing

Episode 85
May 14, 2022

Erick does a solo show! He tells about his day, talks about recent acquaintances that have passed away, he talks about making fresh water from salt water, finding money on the ground, finally getting

Episode 84
May 01, 2022

We talk a bit about humans and animals, Brad talks alot about nerdy movie subjects including Avatar, The Northman, and Fincher movies, Erick saw Batman, Brad rewatched his favorite Twilight Zone episo