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Erica Lynn Speaks Podcast

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Episode 39 – Let’s Move Forward In Your Purpose with Judge Leonia Lloyd
June 30, 2022

  Episode 39 – Let’s Move Forward In YourPurposewith Judge Leonia LloydTo reach your greater purpose, you move your life forward. #ERICALYNNFAM the success you have achieved so far is amazing. It has

Episode 38 – Elevating Into Your Purpose with Rosemary Tucker
June 30, 2022

  Your greater purpose requires greater work. When life finally puts all the right pieces into a place you will find your greater purpose. Once you know what it is that God has planned for you the imm

Episode 37 – Transitioning Into Your Greater purpose
June 09, 2022

  Life will change for the better when you start working on your purpose. Today’s episode is focused specifically on the transition itself. We often want our lives to be better but are so entrenched i

June 03, 2022

  S.T.E.P.: Successfully Transition into your Elevated purpose. Today’s episode features an outline as a guideline for reaching your greater purpose. Through my journey, I realized I was experiencing

Episode 35 – Mental health Awareness & the effects of untreated trauma
May 26, 2022

  Your mental health matters We all go through situations in life that may leave us distraught or feeling lost. It’s what we do after the fact that can have the most profound impact on us. God puts ob

Episode 34 – Recharge Strategies with Dr. Chere Goode on Erica Lynn Speaks Podcast
May 20, 2022

  You can recharge and go to your next level without skipping a beat. Taking steps toward your greater purpose will be bountiful, yet these steps will be real, they will bearduous in plenty. This will

Episode 33 – Tapping Into Your Authentic Self w/Novah Davis on Erica Lynn Speaks
May 06, 2022

  Be authentic, the right people and opportunities will present themselves. Today #ERICALYNNFAM I wanted to examine a particular part of life we all face challenges. Whether it’s facing the unknown or

Episode 32-Erica Lynn Speaks Is Sharing Self Care Tips that will Grow You To Your Next Level!
April 28, 2022

  Always take time for self-care. Only with your best self will you move forward. Everything you do in life comes down to passion, determination, and strength. All three of these traits can only achie

Episode 31 Gratitude Through Falling Off The Bike W/Rodney C. Burris
April 20, 2022

  There is always something to learn when you don’t succeed! Life teaches us many lessons. For instance, when meeting someone for the first time you ask certain questions and respond accordingly to ga

Episode 30 – Gratitude Through The Lens w/Monica Morgan & Erica Lynn Speaks
April 14, 2022

  Capturing historical events on camera and finding gratitude in the bigger picture   History…Our most precious tool in sustaining and improving our society. All of our moments both favored and marred