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Erica Lynn Speaks Podcast

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Episode 26-The Wrongfully Convicted Part 1
January 06, 2022

  Why is being innocent not enough? Telling your truth that you did not do it or that wasn’t you. Shouldn’t that be enough for you to be free to ram the earth. My guest on Erica Lynn Speaks Podcast no

Episode 25-Beyonce Pastor Juanita Rasmus
June 08, 2021

  Are you the best version of yourself? Juanita Rasmus is a pastor, Spiritual Director, and contemplative with a passion for seeing people transform into being their best selves in our world. Juanita co-leads the St.

Episode 24 – How Gerard’s Cardiac Arrest Led to “Living Hope”
June 02, 2021

  Who is Gerard Long? Gerard Long is an author and, pastor, who had a 30-year career in banking and is the Founder and President of a non-profit corporation, Awakening to God Ministries. In today’s episode,

Episode 23- Inner Healing, Writing, and Education with Dr. Stella Hall
May 23, 2021

  Who is Dr. Stella Hall? Dr. Stella Hall was my guest on this episode, and we had a great time! Dr. Hall is the CEO of the SHR group that focuses on business mentorship and grant writing. She also has the Wize House Academy that provides tutoring and ...

Episode 22- Victory After Trauma with Dr. Zowee Jamison-Shanks
May 15, 2021

  What is this episode about? In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Zowee Jamison-Shanks, she is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist who has overcome her childhood trauma and is passion...

Episode 21: The Mind Matters – Ask Dr. Michele Leno
May 07, 2021

  Have you ever thought of the impact of mental health on society? In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Michele Leno. Dr. Leno is a licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan. She has several years of experience providing therap...

Episode 20: Do you know how to Push past your Pull?
May 01, 2021

  What does it mean to push pass your pull? Pushing past your pull means to keep moving forward. I want you to continue to live big. Push pass the things that are hindering you. In life, we are confronted with so many obstacles that cause us to stop in...

Episode 19: 5 Reasons You Want To Heal
April 24, 2021

  In this episode, I will share the 5 Reasons You Want to Heal. I will walk you through the reasons that not only make you feel good but make you look good too. Why is it so important to heal yourself? Do you know what it means to heal yourself?

Episode 18: How To Love Yourself With Dr. Portia Locket
April 12, 2021

  Loving yourself means you are taking your first step Erica Lynn knows all to well how not loving yourself can put you in a whirlwind. After she went through her healing journey she was able to turn her pain into purpose,

Episode 17: What Impact Do You Want To Leave
March 27, 2021

  For Black History Month We Discussed The Impact Or Legacy You Want To Leave What do you want to be known by is the question? Everyone wants to live a meaningful life that has a positive impact on others. It is only natural that you desire to be remem...