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Erica Lynn Speaks Podcast

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Episode 4 : Why do I not feel good enough
September 16, 2020

  If you want to learn how to take the weight off of the things you have been carrying for a long time, it is important to learn what you need to do to feel good enough. In this episode Apostle La Tasha Jordan of Repairers of The Breach Global Ministri...

Episode 3: Stroke Survival Stories – What You Need to Know About the Disease
August 10, 2020

  Whenever we hear of Stroke although it is uncommon, its an illness that does not require ongoing care such as diabetes, sarcoidosis, or a muscular dystrophy type of illness’. We often think in the back of our minds ‘surely not me’.

Episode 2: Living In Fear In Your Own Mind
August 09, 2020

  Sometimes we live in fear due to adversities that we might have experienced along the way, but this does not mean the end. These adversities should be taken as lessons to be applied later as the journey continues. In this episode, meet Erica Gillis,

Episode 1: 1 Step Beyond U – Getting God Involved
August 08, 2020

  Erica Lynn is a motivational speaker who focuses on inner healing, Her past experiences have made her a life coach to many and through her podcast show, “Erica Lynn Speaks, previously known as ” 1 Step Beyond U”,