ePub feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

ePub feed of Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

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Mormon and Moroni’s Rhetoric: Reflections Inspired by Grant Hardy’s Understanding the Book of Mormon
May 10, 2024

Abstract: Grant Hardy has shown that Nephi, Mormon, and Moroni have distinctive personalities, rhetorical strategies, implied readers, and thematic concerns. Mormon lived within history and wrote as a

“That They May Once Again Be a Delightsome People”: The Concept of Again Becoming the Seed of Joseph (Words of Mormon 1:8 and Mormon 7:4–5)
May 03, 2024

Abstract: In Words of Mormon 1:8, Mormon declares, “And my prayer to God is concerning my brethren, that they may once again come to the knowledge of God, yea, the redemption of Christ; that they may

Review of Two New Theories about the Lamanite Mark Recently Presented in Two Different Forums
April 26, 2024

Abstract: T. J. Uriona has offered two new theories about the meaning of Nephis term skin of blackness in 2 Nephi 5:21. He suggests that Nephis term may indicate impending death and/or it may be a

An Exceptional Example of the Richness of Church History
April 19, 2024

Review of Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Emer Harris & Dennison Lott Harris: Owner of the First Copy of the Book of Mormon, Witness of the Last Charge of Joseph Smith (Salt Lake City: Eborn Books, 2023). 235

The Unwritten Debates in Moroni1’s Letter
April 19, 2024

Abstract: Moroni1s letter in Alma 60 is not simply an angry and intemperate screed against the government; it also responds to arguments about just tactics (what modern readers would call ethics) tak

“Our Great God Has in Goodness Sent These”: Notes on the Goodness of God, the Didactic Good of Nephi’s Small Plates, and Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s Renaming
April 12, 2024

Abstract: Anti-Nephi-Lehis speech (Alma 24:716) reveals multiple allusions to significant texts in Nephis small plates record. Thus, when he declares I thank my God, my beloved people, that our gr

The Plagiary of the Daughters of the Lamanites
April 05, 2024

Abstract: Repetition is a feature of all ancient Hebraic narrative. Modern readers may misunderstand this quality of biblical and Book of Mormon narrative. Biblical and Book of Mormon writers believed

Christ is Risen! Truly, He is Risen!
March 29, 2024

Abstract: There is no more important message than that of the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Its life-transforming and world-transforming. It is also the most joyous news imaginable. Wha

King Benjamin’s Sermon as a Type of Temple Endowment
March 22, 2024

Abstract: To more permanently unify the Mulekites and the Nephites as a reunited kingdom of Israel, King Benjamin gathered his people at the temple, and in his role as a king and priest after the orde

Premortal Life and Mortal Life: A Fearful Symmetry
March 15, 2024

Abstract: Bodily weakness, along with the varied circumstances into which we were born, provide the essential initial and ongoing conditions that shape the challenges and opportunities of our mortal p