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EPPOT Disney Podcast

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Scene 13: Ursula is the HERO!?
November 14, 2019

Was Ariel the villain? Was King Triton a patriarchal tyrant? Are Flounder and Sebastian accomplices to murder? Find out what we have to say about it in this weeks episode of EPPOT! Facebook: @EPPOT1 Twitter: @EPPOT_1  Merch: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EPP.

Scene 12: Talking Food at Disney!
October 29, 2019

Although this is yesterdays episode, we were joined by a very special guest! Noah Hicks worked at the Disneyland Hotel back in the day and he helps us give our 2 cents about the food at the Disney parks! Give him a follow on Insta: https://www.instagram..

Scene 11: Welcome Our New Co-Host Syya!
October 21, 2019

I found another Disney groupie to banter with so lets give her a big magical welcome! Syya joins EPPOT as the new co-host to help keep the Disney magic alive when you aren't home. Facebook: @EPPOT1 Twitter: @EPPOT_1

Scene 10: Galaxy's Edge First Impressions!
June 03, 2019

Galaxy's Edge has finally opened in Disneyland and content about it is flooding all social media outlets. I can't avoid it any longer, so here are my first impressions and reactions to everything Galaxy's Edge! Millennium Flacon Smugglers run will get it.

Scene 9: EVEN MORE Galaxy's Edge Updates with Special Guest Andrea!
May 22, 2019

Yes that's right, there is even more juicy updates for Galaxy's Edge and we talk about them with one of my fellow Star Was nerds and great friends Andrea! News Topics: Disneyland castle has finally finished renovations Expanding the walk way between Fant.

Everything You Need To Know Before Going To Galaxy's Edge!
May 08, 2019

The opening date for Galaxy's Edge is right around the corner so before you go, here are some of the important things you will need to know!

Live Stream #4: News, Updates, and Pokemon!
April 30, 2019

Jojo joins me again for another live stream! We have been on a long hiatus but we are finally back! Tons of news, updates, and Pokémon need to be discussed!

Disney Dive | Simpsons on Disney Channel? Disney Fox Aqusition Deal
April 01, 2019

On this Disney Dive I talk about the Disney Fox acquisition deal and what it means for the future of all Fox assets, IP's, and productions. Could the Simpsons end up on Disney Channel? It actually doesn't seem that far fetched. Check it out now!

Jojo Reacts Live!
March 20, 2019

On todays live stream I ask Jojo to react to the new Toy Story trailer as well as different food from around the parks! Also what does the new Fox acquisition mean for the future of Fox?

Princesses with Pokemon!
March 20, 2019

I tasked Jojo to come up with 2 Pokemon each character from a Disney movie I assigned him to watch and explain why they would carry them. I am a Disney fanatic and he is a Pokemon fanatic so this was the best way I knew to combine our fandoms!