The Episodic Table of Elements

The Episodic Table of Elements

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July 06, 2020

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63. Europium: The Age Of Enlightenment
June 22, 2020

As element collectors, may we all one day be as fortunate as Frank Harold Spedding.

62. Samarium: Eponymous Honorarium
June 01, 2020

We hear all sorts of incredible stories on this podcast, but today we'll meet the most unbelievable character of all time: A friendly bureaucrat.

61. Promethium: What A Friend We Have In Prometheus
May 18, 2020

We've met mythological light-bearers before, but this one possesses a decidedly nobler spirit.

60. Neodymium: Anarchy And Order
May 04, 2020

Decades of complex geopolitical chaos ultimately result in one afternoon's rather embarrassing hospital visit.

59. Praseodymium: Grandiloquent Sesquipedalianism
April 20, 2020

Sometimes, the most interesting aspect of an element has nothing to do with chemistry at all.

58. Cerium: Light My Fire
April 02, 2020

It's the most common flint you'll find, except it's not actually flint at all.

57. Lanthanum: Hidden In Plain Sight
March 23, 2020

Let's uncover element 57, and find out why the "rare earths" are neither rare nor earths nor an empire.

56. Barium: Glow-Getter
March 09, 2020

When you really want to suck all the air out of a room, barium will help you out.

55. Caesium: A Brief History Of Time
February 24, 2020

We'll trace the history of the most important caesium-based technology all the way back to its original roots: a stick.