The Episodic Table of Elements

The Episodic Table of Elements

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47. Silver: Our Own Image
October 14, 2019

Silver is more than just a precious metal. It's also a reflection of ourselves.

46. Palladium: The Old Razzle Dazzle
September 23, 2019

Those people who've been involved with palladium's history seem to harbor a dubious predilection for stretching the truth.

45. Rhodium: The Most Precious Metal
September 09, 2019

For some people, rhodium's most important aspect is its high price. For others, it's absolutely priceless.

44. Ruthenium: The Glow Cloud
August 26, 2019

Element 44 is technically not named for Russia... but perhaps it should be.

43. Technetium: Naturally Synthetic
August 12, 2019

It's only after we gave up searching for this element that we found it out in the universe.

42. Molybdenum: Conventional Weapons
July 29, 2019

Before we talk about one big gun, let's discuss 1,500 years of military technology.

41. Niobium: No More Tears
July 15, 2019

We delve into elemental etymology today, and get to investigate a chemical phenomenon.

40. Zirconium: Burning Up, Melting Down
July 01, 2019

Today, we reach the last element on the periodic table -- but only alphabetically speaking.

39. Yttrium: It’s A Quiet Village
June 17, 2019

Welcome to the sleepy Swedish town of Ytterby. I hope you like it, because we'll be spending an awful lot of time there later in the series.

38. Strontium: Little Town
June 03, 2019

Let's look past the bad reputation this element has to learn how it's an essential part of an idyllic childhood.