Episodes – Arbiter

Episodes – Arbiter


August 27, 2015

Eric Bandholz is a graphic designer and founder of Beardbrand. Beadbrand is an e-commerce and lifestyle company that caters to the “urban beardsman” by providing high quality grooming products and beard oils. An extensive traveler, Eric currently resides in Austin, TX with his wife and daughter.

In this episode:

How Eric came into being an "Urban Beardsman"
Being supported with the Bearded Community
Reaching other bearded men in new markets
Building a lifestyle business
Fending off haters


Links from this episode:

* Beard Board
* Startup Weekend
* Beardbrand  Instagram
* Beardbrand Tumblr
* Beardbrand Youtube
* Urban Beardsman
* Bandholz
* Ricki Hall
* Chris John Millington
* Tommy Cairns Photo

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