Episodes – Arbiter

Episodes – Arbiter


August 26, 2015



We visit with Luna Vega. Luna is a noted Brand Strategist and Digital Consultant with many connections within global industry and international commerce. Luna is an extensive world traveller and the author of popular business tome: The Global Influence, a book offering E-commerce Marketing Tips for Small Businesses.

In this episode:

A quick overview
Why branding and storytelling is so important?
How to really be unique in your market
New Markets in South American and Africa
Building a remote business
Taking a look at how Luna does it so well

Links from this episode:

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* Amazon FBA
* Instagram
* Pinterest
* Wechat app
* Kik app
* Johnny FDK
* Natalie Sisson
* Miss Luna Vega Youtube Channel
* The Global Influencer Podcast

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