Episodes – Arbiter

Episodes – Arbiter


August 26, 2015

Dan Norris is the co-founder of WP Curve, one of the world’s fastest growing WordPress technical support companies. Dan also authored the best selling small business book, THE 7 DAY STARTUP. Dan is a partner in  Black Hops Brewing, a craft beer and Helloify, a business communications app.  Dan was voted Australia’s top small business blogger by Australia’s largest business magazine, Smarter Business Ideas in 2013.  He has gone on to have his companies featured in media outlets such as Inc., Forbes and Mashable.

In this episode:

How Dan got start in entrepreneurship
Struggles to get a successful business
Forget about Validation, Launch quickly
Understanding luck
Leveraging a community
Hanging out and having a cold beer.

Links from this episode:

* Dynamite Circle
* 7 Day Startup FB Group
* Content Machine
* 7 Day Startup Premium Group
* The Blog @ Black Hops
* Startup Chat Podcast

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