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EP103 | Creating a Community with Michael Frolichstein of The Celiac Project
December 04, 2019

Making a positive impact on the Celiac community. Michael Frolichstein, leader of The Celiac Project, joins Eric Kasimov in this chat to discuss the Celiac Project, creating a community, and why podcasting matters.  -

Taking Advantage of Technology and Media with PJ Taei, Founder of Uscreen
November 25, 2019

Building an incredible product is number one. PJ Taei, Founder of Uscreen, joins Eric Kasimov in this chat to discuss video monetazation, building a SaaS business, and communication. - Uscreen gives the ability to build your own Netflix,

Transitioning from Military Life to Entrepreneurship with Allen Simmons
November 11, 2019

Never Stop. Never Quit. Repeat. Allen Simmons, Author, Speaker, and Marine Corps Veteran, joins John Priore in this chat to discuss purpose, mental health, and the military lifestyle.  - We are super excited to have Allen join John Priore in our offic...

Building Businesses for a Greater Purpose with Tony Tennaro
October 30, 2019

Building great businesses for a greater purpose. Tony Tennaro, Managing Chair for C12 Greater Charlotte, joins Eric Kasimov in this chat to discuss making a difference, family, and Frank Reich. - Tony is the kind of person you want to be around.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg County Quarter-Cent Sales Tax for the Arts
October 24, 2019

On November 5th, Mecklenburg voters will head to the polls to vote for or against the Quarter-Cent sales tax for the arts. Katie Szabo sat down with Jeep Bryant and Darrel Williams to fill in the gaps for voters.  - Mecklenburg native, Jeep Bryant,

Focusing on the HOW with Charles Leichtweis
October 16, 2019

The master of the how. Charles Leichtweis, founder of Experts in How, joins Eric Kasimov in this chat to discuss the How.  - As Charles says, The Why and the What are critical for success, the How validates and aligns those two elements to create sust...

What is Holding Business Professionals Back from Creating Content?
October 07, 2019

Should you start creating content as a business professional? The short answer is yes. John Priore, content marketer, at KazCM joins me in this chat to discuss this all-important topic.  - Listen to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to hear th...

Portland Timbers Goalkeeper and Storyteller with Jeff Attinella
October 02, 2019

A professional goalkeeper gives his perspectives on storytelling. Jeff Attinella, goalkeeper for the Portland Timbers, shares stories about the mindset of a soccer goalkeeper, playing for the Portland Timbers, and an athlete creating content.

What Customer Service Should Be
September 04, 2019

Do you genuinely value your customers? Customer service is a bit of a buzz word that is thrown around by many companies. These companies feel that just by saying it, they are actually providing good customer service.  -

Is Podcasting At Its Peak?
August 30, 2019

There are now upwards of 700,000 podcasts. Is podcasting at its peak? In a recent New York Times article, they discussed why podcasting is at its peak. While we don't necessarily disagree with their take, we are here to say that if you have the genuine...