Entrepreneur Perspectives

Entrepreneur Perspectives

Perspectives on Tough Decisions with Eric Kasimov and Dan and Dennae Handford

February 25, 2019

How do you handle tough decisions? This episode is a guest appearance I had on the Tough Decisions For Entrepreneurs Podcast. 
In this episode we discuss, tough decisions, lessons learned, and following your instincts. 
This hit show hosted by Dan and Dennae Handford is a show that helps entrepreneurs think through the tough decisions entrepreneurs deal with.  
Dan asked me to come onto this podcast and talk about the decisions that led to us building a content marketing company while running an insurance brokerage company.  
Thank you to Dan and Dennae for having me on the Tough Decisions For Entrepreneurs Podcast. It was an absolute honor to be featured by them and we would encourage you to check out their podcast on Apple Podcasts. 
We hope you enjoy the conversation with Dan and Dennae. 
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