Engine Professional Podcast

Engine Professional Podcast

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Episode 17 – Small Diesel Engine Opportunities
May 02, 2022

Steve and Chuck interview Paul Kelly from Maxiforce Engine Parts, who supplies diesel engine parts, about the opportunities that are out there for machine shops in the small-bore diesel engine market.

Episode 16 – API Engine Oils
March 14, 2022

Chuck Lynch and Dave Hagen interview Jeff Harmening from the American Petroleum Institute (API). Jeff explains licensing of engine oils, proper storage and handling, engine oil specifications, diesel

Episode 15 – Magnetism
February 17, 2022

Chuck and guest co-host Dave Hagen, AERA’s Senior Technician (filling in for Steve for this episode), discuss how parts can become magnetized and how to demagnetize those parts. February is the month

Episode 14 – Incoming Part Inspection
December 16, 2021

Steve and Chuck discuss the importance of inspecting and checking your incoming parts before you start to assemble that engine. Making sure that that the parts you ordered are correct by taking measur

Episode 13 – AERA Online Training
November 12, 2021

Steve and Chuck discuss the AERA Engine Machinist Online Training and Certification Program with AERA's Rob Munro and special guest Dave Capitolo, who is an instructor from De Anza College. Dave goes

Episode 12 – Torque Plates
September 14, 2021

Steve and Chuck take a deep dive into why you should use a torque plate when honing the cylinder block and its importance. Also, do you know which car manufacturer and model just hit the 50 million ma

Episode 11 – The Importance of Balancing Engine Components
August 06, 2021

Steve and Chuck talk with Randy Neal from CWT Industries about the importance of balancing engine components. Randy goes into detail about balancing and why it is so important. Take a listen and subsc

Episode 10 – What is Tribology
June 30, 2021

Steve and Chuck talk with Lake Speed Jr from Total Seal Piston Rings about Tribology and what it is, piston rings and bore sealing. But before the discussion with Lake, they take a step back in time t

Episode 9 – Engine Break In
May 20, 2021

Steve and Chuck discuss important precautions that should be looked at during engine break in. Making sure your engine is broken in correctly and properly will help make that newly rebuilt engine last longer.

Episode 8 – Engine Blueprinting
April 13, 2021

Steve and Chuck interview Norris Marshall of Blueprint Engines in Nebraska about the importance of engine blueprinting. Norris shares how he got started in the business as well as some key points when blueprinting an engine.