The Energy Question

The Energy Question

The Energy Question Episode 69 - Congressman Andy Ogles of Tennessee's 5th District

October 01, 2023

In Episode 69 of The Energy Question, David Blackmon interviews Congressman Andy Ogles, who represents the 5th District of the great state of Tennessee.

In this episode, the Congressman talks about his views on the federal budget situation, and the many reasons why he supports a return to normal order on the process. Normal order would mean that congress would abandon its 26-year habit of funding the government with enormous, multi-trillion-dollar omnibus continuing resolutions, a process that has bloated the federal budget beyond all reason, and return to the constitutional vision of passing a dozen single-subject bills to fund each major federal department. 

Cong. Ogles also talks about his advocacy for energy independence, and how energy policy is impacting the budget debate. 


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