The Energy Question

The Energy Question

The Energy Question Episode 56 Andrew Dittmar, Director at Enverus

August 09, 2023

The Energy Question Episode 56 Andrew Dittmar, Director at Enverus


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Highlights of the Podcast

00:00 - Intro

00:54 - Andrew, just remind our viewers what your role is and Enverus and Talk about your background a little bit

02:12 - Talk about what happened in the Second Quarter here in the upstream sector

03:40 - What are the factors beyond that? Is it just the attractiveness of the assets or is there more at play there?

06:28 - I just wonder, is that kind of business model with these large independents? has that played itself out or do we should we still think of them as potential takeover targets in the future?

09:24 - Chevron had a big preexisting position and has always been one of the big players up there in the DJ Basin. But are those really Tier One drilling opportunities up there in Colorado?

10:51 - Could we see the Permian assets suddenly start being discounted due to federal regulatory risk that hasn't been the case in the past? If the Biden administration keeps moving in that direction.

15:30 - Civitas just, you know, moves into the Permian Basin now, talk about the two acquisitions they did

17:39 - As technology improves, fracking techniques improve. You can turn tier two drilling locations into Tier one recoveries, right?

20:03 - The existence of half a dozen big shale formations that companies can explore as time goes along so that's a big factor in why these Permian assets are so sought after, right?

22:46 - Does it play a big, big role, though, in determining whether or not the company is going to ultimately move forward with an attempt to buy out another company in these deals?

23:48 - Permian being somewhat constrained from takeaway capacity, particularly related to Natural Gas and I guess liquids, too. is it no longer a significant concern out there?

25:23 - Is Enverus anticipating continued rig count declines for the rest of the year?

25:49 - Thoughts of Andrew on Exxon Mobil's acquisition of Denbury

29:49 - If Enverus and you think that the industry is going to be able to maintain access to the capital needed to continue executing these kinds of deals going forward, to continue consolidating the U.S. shale space

33:05 - Talks about Eastern Eagle Ford

34:24 - What's your forecast for the rest of the year on M&A?

35:57 - Outro

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