End of the Chain

End of the Chain

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Deconstructing time - Anatoly Yakovenko - Solana
September 10, 2020

Anatoly, co-founder of Solana, has solved how to bring time to a distributed network with Solana, an incredibly powerful and fast proof-of-stake network.

Deconstructing Defi - Serge Ravitch
September 03, 2020

Serge is a degen of gambler and knows everything about online gaming. We break down the latest defi trend, the perils of crypto gaming, Bitcoin's lack of development and more.

Layer 2 Education - Arthur Gervais - Liquidity Network
August 25, 2020

Dr. Arthur Gervais joins this episode to discuss the various types of L2 networks and how Liquidity Network has built a functioning platform to meet the needs of ETH users.

Market Evolution - Sam Bankman-Fried - FTX
August 10, 2020

SBF joins this episode to discuss how crypto markets have evolved in the last year and what effects Defi and his future platform Serum will have on the larger ecosystem. Plus we get into detail on a few trade products and how they were built into FTX.

Future System Mechanics - Leemon Baird - Hashgraph
August 06, 2020

Leemon jumps into a discussion of his past service in the US Air Force and how it led him to creating the Hashgraph protocol. Both Leemon and host Samuel McCulloch lived for some time in Colorado Springs and discuss military life.

Encyclopedia of Everything - Sam Kazemian - Everpedia
July 09, 2020

What is neutrality and how is information to be recorded for generations to become? Sam Kazemian of Everpedia joins this episode of End of the Chain to discuss the current political climate and how Everpedia is designed to be an inclusive platform.

T-Instant - Nick Cowan - GSX Group
June 30, 2020

About this episodeNick Cowan, head of GSX group joins the podcast to discuss the evolution of crypto-securities in Gibraltar and how the island is adapting to 2020 and Brexit. Nick Cowan is the CEO and founder of the Global Blockchain Exchange and the Gib

Memetic Investing - Michael Anderson - Framework Ventures
June 17, 2020

What makes a good Defi investment and why are strong narratives and memetic founders attractive? Michael Anderson breaks down his investment style through Framework Ventures with host Samuel McCulloch.

Independence Architecture - Brad Kam - Unstoppable Domains
June 11, 2020

At anytime a government can order the shutdown of a site and its content is forcibly destroyed. In this episode Brad Kam explains why it is necessary to have an independent architecture for the web and why it must be free.

Technology & Encryption: The Cat is out of the Bag - Corey Petty
June 07, 2020

Unrest, riots and pandemics are a springboard to greater erosion of privacy rights. Corey Petty joins this episode of the End of the Chain to talk about the war on encryption and what Status is doing to fight it.