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EM Pulse Podcast™

Thriving not Surviving – Episode 9

August 17, 2018

Thriving, not Surviving - Episode 9

Are you well? In this episode we tackle the issue of physician wellness. What does that mean? Why is it a problem? And what can we do to thrive, not just survive, in medicine? We discuss strategies with EM physicians of all levels, including Cal ACEP President, Dr. Aimee Moulin, and Dr. Katren Tyler, Vice Chair of Wellness for the UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine.

How do you define physician wellness? What is your personal recipe for THRIVING, not just surviving? Join the conversation on social media, @empulsepodcast, or at ucdavisem.com.


Dr. Sarah Medeiros, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis

Dr. Julia Magaña, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at UC Davis


Dr. Aimee Moulin, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis and President of California ACEP

Dr. Katren Tyler, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Vice Chair for Faculty Development, Wellness and Outreach in the UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine

Various UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine residents, fellows, and faculty.


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