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EMplify by EB Medicine

Episode 44 - Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C): An Interview with Dr. Ilene Claudius and Dr. Mohsen Saidinejad

June 18, 2020


EMplify June 2020

Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) with COVID-19: An Interview with Dr. Ilene Claudius and Dr. Mohsen Saidinejad.

  • What is it and when did we discover it as an entity?

  • Have either of you treated anyone with the disease?

  • Discussion of different cohorts of patients with MIS-C.

  • Definition of MIS-C.

  • Shock: cardiogenic and distributive shock presentations.

  • Fever, is 4 days required?

  • Discussion of where in the COVID-19 illness MIS-C occurs.

  • Is clinical shock a requirement?

  • Screening criteria (labs) and the Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia pathway.

  • What is available as treatment?

    • A discussion of IVIG

    • Steroids

    • Cytokine blockers

    • Remdesivir

  • Why IVIG?

  • Complications of the disease.

  • Why are there more cases in New York?

  • How has MIS-C changed your practice of testing children?

  • Is there utility in testing for COVID-19 infection or antibodies in these cases?


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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Clinical Pathway for MIS-C.

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