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Emerson Automation Experts

Storage Terminal Safety Podcast Series

October 21, 2020

Storage terminals play a critical role in the movements of hydrocarbon-related products through their supply chains. Because large tanks handle hazardous and flammable fluids, safety is of paramount concern. In a series of storage terminal safety podcasts, Emerson experts will share ways that safety, environmental and operational risks can be mitigated.

Emerson's Manuel Arroyo, Director, Oil & Gas Industry Programs kicks off this podcast series by highlighting some of the risks & challenges and previews some of the technologies that can help these terminals improve safety, environmental compliance and terminal operations.

Next in this podcast series, we explore Remote and Continuous Floating Roof Monitoring.



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Jim: Hi, everybody. I'm Jim Cahill from the Emerson Automation Experts blog. And today I'm joined by Manuel Arroyo, and we're gonna be discussing storage terminal safety as part of the enabling storage terminal safety series. Welcome, Manuel.

Manuel: Thank you, Jim. And hi, everyone. My name is Manuel Arroyo, oil and gas industry leader and subject matter expert at the Emerson Automation Solution. Welcome to our new podcast series on storage terminal, and it's all about safety. It goes without saying that it is more important than ever to ensure that the storage terminals are efficient and operational. This year as a result of the COVID-19 and the decrease of the crude oil demand, producers and logistic companies need to find places to store that product and building infrastructure will take in between 12 to 24 months.

Jim: So, Manuel, how is the industry growing? And how is it affecting facility managers?

Manuel: Well, you know, terminals need to find a way to increase capacity. So terminal business is around capacity. So the global storage terminal market size is projected to reach around $37 billion by 2027. So on this industry, by nature, it is a high-risk industry. So facilities managers understand the need for increased capacity and safety plays a vital role over there so minimizing these risks can affect the overall oil and gas supply chain.

Jim: So in this storage terminal safety podcast series, what are you and your colleagues planning to cover?

Manuel: Well, my colleagues and I are always finding ways to use the new and existing technologies to reima...