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EM Clerkship

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DKA (Deep Dive R4 MW)
November 15, 2022

Diabetic Ketoacidosis – hyperglycemia, ketosis, and anion gap metabolic acidosis Don’t forget about euglycemic DKA (especially in setting of SGLT2 inhibitor) or mimics such as alcoholic ketoacidosis T

Round 4 (MW) – Shortness of Breath
November 01, 2022

You are working a shift at Clerkship General when the charge nurse comes and grabs you to see a 24yo male who appears to be in respiratory distress. Critical Actions: Diagnose DKA Replete potassium St

Interviews Part 2 – Acing your interview
October 24, 2022

Before interview day, do your research on programs and interviews and reflect on the way in which you want to portray yourself. On interview day, have a cheat sheet with notes about your conversations

Black Box Warnings (Deep Dive R3 MW)
October 19, 2022

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Round 3 (MW) – MVC
October 03, 2022

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Interviews Part 1 – Crafting your schedule
September 29, 2022

Understand the timeline research programs to find out when they extend invites and when they host interviews Prepare for invitations set up email and text notifications, get a calendar Accept invi

Ectopic Pregnancy (Deep Dive R2 MW)
September 17, 2022

Summary of Key Points 1. You should consider ectopic pregnancy in every patient who is capable of bearing children 2. If a patient of child bearing age presents with severe abdominal pain or vaginal b

Round 2 (MW) – Abdominal Pain
September 01, 2022

You are working at Clerkship General when the next chart gets handed to you a 31 year old female presenting with abdominal pain. Initial Vitals: BP: 109/65 HR: 96 RR: 21 O2: 99% Temp: 99.1F Critical

Selecting Programs
August 17, 2022

Things to consider when selecting residency programs to apply to: 1. What type of program (County, Community, Academic)2. What length of program (3 year vs. 4 year)3. Location4. Culture and Li

August 16, 2022

3 Steps to assessing your competitiveness for matching in an EM residency: 1. Get a good advisor.2. Look at the data.3. Maximize your potential. Further Reading: EMRA Apply smarter not harderE