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How did your perspective change when you were exposed to diversity ?| Episode 1.2 w/ Kareem Abou Gamrah ( Gamroor)
January 25, 2019

THIS PART IS DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE !!   the first part was insightful,knowledgable and to some inspiring. But, this part is fun and relatable and what conversations should be all about.    Peace cake says Hi, Safi Sang , Gamroor and I...

What are your passions how do they align with your values| Episode 1.1 W/ Kareem Abou Gamrah (Gamroor)
January 17, 2019

Gamroor is Professionally the Managing Director at Peace Cake. I approached him at Riseup summit events and 5 seconds in trying to pitch the idea to him he was enthusiastic.  Talking to a stranger and someone who is involved in an entity that you...