Elevator Radio Show Podcast

Elevator Radio Show Podcast

The Elevator Radio Show - #531 - Why are there so many expired elevator inspection certificates?

May 15, 2019

This is the first show I’ve done where there were more than one “I-Team” type investigative report on expired elevator certificates. In the years I’ve been creating this podcast, never have any of them truly attempted to address or get to the bottom of the reason why. My question to you I-Team, reporter….look deeper into the numbers.  Find out the budget for the elevator inspection department, the number of inspectors the department has and the number of elevators that require inspections annually.  Go a step further and ask how long an inspection should take on average and plug those numbers into a spreadsheet.  After you’ve done this ask whether or not the funding allocated, the number of inspectors employed and the number of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and dumbwaiters that require inspections annually can be done based on the time and number of inspectors there are to do it. Do the numbers confirm that there’s adequate funding and employed inspectors to complete the number of inspections that are required each year?

Show Notes:

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More than 1,600 elevators in Philly have expired certs.

Another I-Team investigative report: Boston

This time it’s Los Angeles

Repairmen burned in Palo Alto shaft fire

TKE abandons plan to split in two

Do broken elevators violate ADA

Brake failure blamed in elevator accident

Meet one of Chicago’s last elevator operators

Stranded student visitors are helped at Kennedy Center

Full report released in Hancock building stall

City Hall’s elevator on its last trip

Boy sitting on escalator loses finger, parents demand mall pay medical costs