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Electronic Rx

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#5 - Dubstep Mix feat. HIGHJVCK
February 23, 2019

Check out HIGHJVCK at www.highjvck.com https://soundcloud.com/highjvckofficial The tracks were mixed by Stephan Maman https://soundcloud.com/red_komodo    

#4 - Break Mix feat. Probe1
February 16, 2019

Check out Probe1 on Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/probe1 Any feedback is always appreciated as well :)  electronicrx.podcast@gmail.com

#3 - Disco House Mix feat. Private Agenda
February 09, 2019

Be sure to check out Private Agenda at: • Bandcamp • private-agenda.com • Spotify • Facebook • Soundcloud

#2 - Deep House Mix feat. Kind Movements
February 02, 2019

Deep House Mix feat. Kind Movements  https://soundcloud.com/djkindmovements   I appreciate any feedback or artist recommendations! electronicrx.podcast@gmail.com 

#1 - House Mix feat. KLNQMZK
January 26, 2019

House Mix feat. KLNQMZK  Track list: Safe Crush, Tails and Nails, Dalara, Cucumber, Disrupted Flow https://soundcloud.com/klnqmzk Mixed by Stephan Maman https://soundcloud.com/red_komodo I appreciate any feedback or artist recommendations you may have fo.