B2B Marketers on a Mission

B2B Marketers on a Mission

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Ep. 96: How Videos Can Help B2B Marketing and Sales Teams to Succeed - Interview w/ Alexander Ferguson
August 02, 2022

Alexander Ferguson (CMO and Co-Founder, TeraLeap) elaborates on how B2B companies can leverage videos to increase trust and achieve significantly shorter sales cycles. He also shares his top video DOs

Ep. 95: How to Launch and Grow a Revenue-Generating B2B Podcast - Interview w/ Harry Morton
July 26, 2022

Harry Morton (Founder, Lower Street) shares the lessons that he’s learned from launching and growing more than 50 revenue-generating B2B podcasts. He also lets us in on his secrets to attracting your

Ep. 94: How to Map the B2B Customer Journey Towards Revenue
July 05, 2022

teffen Hedebrandt (Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Dreamdata) elaborates on the importance of understanding and mapping the customer journey, what mistakes to avoid, the importance of having t

Ep. 93: How to Fix The B2B Event Attribution Gap
June 29, 2022

Jonathan Kazarian (Founder & CEO, Accelevents) talks about how B2B marketers can fix the event attribution gap, the importance of using personalization in your event follow-up, why first-party data is

Ep. 92: How to Write B2B Content that Converts and Builds Relationships
June 22, 2022

Kathryn Strachen (Founder, Copy House) on developing content that builds relationships and converts prospects. She talks about how B2B content has changed, why creating customer avatars and conducting

Ep. 91: How to Develop B2B Brand Strategies that “WOW!”
June 15, 2022

Christian DeGobbi (Marketing Director, Spruce Technology, Inc.) on what it takes to develop an effective B2B brand, why branding is a MUST HAVE for B2B companies, the different parts of a brand strate

Ep. 90: How To Develop the Right GTM and Communications Strategy for Growth
June 07, 2022

Karin Samoylova (Global Product Communications Manager, Digital Portfolio in Robotics – ABB) talks about the differences between a GTM and a communications strategy, the components of each strategy, a

Ep. 89: How Communications Can Play a Strategic Role in B2B Organizations
May 31, 2022

Guerlyne Guercy (Communications Manager – People & Communities, Cisco) on the vital role that communications professionals play within an organization. Guerlyne also shares her experience on how to de

Ep. 88: How to Improve Customer Success Through Proactive Engagement
May 17, 2022

Mark Stagi (VP of Customer Success, Avoma) about why proactive engagement should be the top priority for CS teams across the board. Mark also discusses the mistakes to avoid, and what steps they can t

Ep. 86: How AI Can Be Leveraged in B2B Marketing - Christian Klepp
May 10, 2022

Christian Klepp (Co-Founder/Director of Client Engagement, EINBLICK Consulting Inc.) discusses how AI can be utilized in B2B marketing. He talks the benefits of using AI in marketing, what tools to us