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E14: Transport Trauma

April 17, 2018

Recently two fertility clinics in Cleveland and San Francisco, announced they had storage tank failures and thousands of specimens, eggs, embryos, and sperm were lost in this tragedy. How do you safe guard your frozen specimens? Is it risky to transport your frozen assets? This episode explores the many possibilities involved when using your frozen eggs, how to mitigate the transport risks, and uncovers key details behind the scenes inside the fertility labs.

NY Times bestselling author, ghostwriter, blogger on website, and Forbes contributor MeiMei Fox tells her story about what happened when she was ready to use her frozen eggs. After moving to Los Angeles with the love of her life and attempting to naturally get pregnant but with no success, they finally decided it was time to use the 18 eggs she had frozen in 2009. She submitted a request to prepare transporting her eggs from the lab facility outside of San Francisco to her new clinic in Los Angeles. MeiMei goes on to explain how she became a mother to twins, what exactly happened to her eggs along the way, and what she wishes she would have known now looking back.

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