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ExN Campfire Conversation - Ep 27 - Fire
November 29, 2020

In this episode of Campfire Conversations, Trudi Bennett and Daniel Burton discuss why FIRE is one of their key passions and an important aspect of Educated by Nature programs.

ExN Campfire Conversations Ep 26 - Trudi Bennett – Video as a Learning Tool
November 22, 2020

In this episode, Nature Educator and Mentor Trudi Bennett explores the role digital technology can play in supporting the development of skills, self development, confidence and coordination.

ExN Campfire Conversations Ep 25 - Trudi Bennett & Daniel Burton – Mentoring and the Art of Listening
November 15, 2020

 Trudi and Daniel discuss the importance of mentoring in our community and the role mentors play. It takes a whole village to raise a child, mentors of multiple ages and experiences are important, and mentoring can even happen backward through age gr

ExN Campfire Conversations - Ep 24 - Sticky Learning
November 08, 2020

There are some simple ways that encourage new learning to be retained and embodied in children’s understanding. Learning in the outdoors is one of them. Trudi Bennett talks with Juliet Robinson, author of Dirty Teaching, about using simple engagement tech

Ep 23 – Neil Young – Empowering Youth
November 01, 2020

Asset-based community development is a tool that can be used to see potential in young people. Trudi Bennett interviews, Scottish Youth Worker, Neil Young on how providing opportunities for teenagers to be involved in decision making leads to empowerment.

ExN Campfire Conversations Ep 22 – Claire Warden – Mindstretchers – Heritage and ancestry as a cultural context for nature pedagogy
October 25, 2020

Trudi Bennett recently visited Claire Warden in Scotland on Mindstretchers’ International Study Tour of nature kindergartens. During the tour, the group visited the Cranog Centre and explored some primitive skills from the Iron Age. Claire and Trudi discu

ExN Campfire Conversations - Ep 20 - Cubby Building
October 11, 2020

A very important part of the Educated by Nature kitbag is the humble hut (cubby, fort, den, hide-out it goes by many names). As Nature Connection Mentors we see the multi-faceted role of a cubby and its ability to connect children, build community, inspi

ExN Campfire Conversations Ep 11 - NatureBridge – Jen Kidder and Inquiry Based Learning
August 09, 2020

Join Trudi Bennett as she meets Jen Kidder, Education Director of NatureBridge in Olympic National Park, Washington. Jen shares the value of Inquiry Based Learning and how students respond by engaging in science investigations they design and conduct them

ExN Campfire Conversations Ep 22 Claire Warden - Cultural Contexts
May 05, 2020

Trudi Bennett recently visited Claire Warden in S…

ExN Campfire Conversations - Ep 21 - Claire Warden - Nature Pedagogy
May 05, 2020

Trudi recently visited Claire Warden in Scotland on Mindstretchers’ International Study Tour of nature kindergartens and the International Association of Nature Pedagogues’ conference. In this video, Claire clarifies the meaning of ‘nature pedagogy’, hi