EcomBeats™ — By MOTIF®

EcomBeats™ — By MOTIF®

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BFCM or Pre-BFCM? — or find a sweet spot?
November 12, 2020

BFCM this year is going to be hard and very much competitive. A pre BFCM strategy could help you!

Messenger Marketing: How to sell more with messenger by Nick Romaya
October 29, 2020

In today’s eCommerce vertical if you’re not doing something unique then you’re almost out of game. In 21st century brands are going omnichannel and messenger is one of the best channel to start with. In our today’s episode of EcomBeats we have talked all

Ecommerce & COVID
October 06, 2020

In our today’s episode of Ecombeats we have talked about some ugly truth about the marketing in current situation with our eCommerce marketing manager Nithin.

EcomBeats S#2 (Intro)
October 02, 2020

EcomBeats is an eCommerce focus podcast where we try bring out best of the best marketing, design and branding advices from successful eCommerce business owners and consultants to help you grow your business faster.

Chat with experts - Ruth Even Haim
April 23, 2019

This week we got Ruth Even Haim who is the Co-Founder of Stylio App - Who helps Shopify Stores to make their “Thank You” page to an ultimate sales machine.

Best practices we follow at Motif for ECommerce platform migration - ECommerce Replatformation
March 02, 2019

It’s really essential for sometimes to change the current system to another one. It happens when your business is growing faster and you need something more scalable. Though when you started the platform you’re using was perfect. Whether you’re a CEO of F

10 Web Design Lessons To Help eCommerce brands increase conversions and time on site.
February 28, 2019

Building a website is perhaps the most important thing a business can do for its brand. But with custom websites costing tens of thousands of dollars (or more!), brands can’t afford a misstep when it comes to choosing a web design agency, designing their

Simple Steps To Plan Social Media Marketing Strategy Like A Pro
February 04, 2019

Anyone know about the importance of social media marketing nowadays. If you run an ecommerce business then you already know that social media play a vital role in any kinds of products. Recent statics says that 93% of consumers using social media to help

Want to make an amazing brand? Then it’s for you!
February 02, 2019

Being an amazing brand and rebellious leader is not easy, fast and its not something you do once. It takes time and proper strategy. Its not a simple marketing campaign. Its simply the way you are as a brand. Great brands understand what their customer