Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Ep 85 Nicolette helps Andrew Rosen on his Eat Real to Heal journey

June 15, 2021

Andrew Rosen is the President of Diversified, LLC.  In his role as President, he sets the strategic direction, which focuses on providing our clients and employees with everything they need to achieve their goals and dreams. As a Financial Planner, Andrew forges lifelong relationships with clients, coaching them through all stages of life and guiding them to better achieve their life goals.

Andrew loves helping others by spreading his knowledge on finance, investments, and the pursuit of happiness/fulfillment. He writes nationally recognized, weekly blog posts on these topics and is a regular contributor to Kiplinger. Andrew has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Financial Advisor Magazine, US News & World Report, USA Today, CNBC, along with many other publications. Outside of Diversified, Andrew resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania where his number one passion is spending time with his beautiful wife, Jessica, and his amazing children, Aviva, Isabella, and Emmet. 

Andrew and Nicolette were first brought together when Nicolette appeared on Andrew’s podcast about wealth, health and happiness. She discovered that Andrew had chronic migraines that had been diagnosed to exclusion and had tried everything traditional and non-traditional including diets to get rid of them. Nicolette introduced him to The Eat Real to Heal program and in today’s podcast he shares with us how he has much fewer symptoms in just 3 months. He believes people who get results are people who take their health into their own hands. Andrew is now plant-based with the occasional cheat, with the idea that you have to make it work so you can sustain it. “Without your health you can’t help others and you can’t live your best life – food is the best resource to enable it”.

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