Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Ep 83 Kevin Brady’s wakeup call and creating healthy workplaces

May 04, 2021

Leader in the health and benefits field, serial entrepreneur and health advocate, Kevin Brady is trying to turn around the health benefit system to a system of health care, not sick care. He believes there are many other solutions than just getting prescriptions. Kevin overcame his own health issues that left him in a coma in the hospital. He shows we can go from zero health to optimal health all in the same body in one lifetime. Kevin has a new book out “Its Never too Late to be Healthy”

Founder of Advica Health, a leading health navigation and medical concierge company that provides individual and corporate members with on demand, 24/7 virtual access to a comprehensive network of health professionals and specialists from across North America.

On today’s podcast Nicolette, Kevin and Vanessa Silano the Marketing Assistant at Advica discuss the health industry. Kevin tells us about his illnesses and how they became a wakeup call to become healthy. He then used his healthy lifestyle to influence his work and launched the first company of its kind, Advica that helps people with their health issues and supports them. He found there was a need to help people get through the system smoothly and efficiently. Kevin talks about his book, his mantra and the Wheel of Health; Sleep, Food, Movement & Mindfulness, and how they all need to be in balance which can be achieved by using baby steps.

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