Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Ep 82 Esther Onyoni takes being a Pharmacist to the next level by becoming a Health and Wellness coach

April 27, 2021

Dr Esther Onyoni is a Pharmacist, diabetes health coach and a functional medicine practitioner. For 14 years she was an accessible health care provider, seeing people with diabetes get prescribed more and more medication, with wounds that would not heal, get essential medical procedures delayed until their blood sugar was under control and young people go blind. She became a diabetics health coach so that she could fill the gap and provide a plan or system, support and accountability to people falling through the cracks to help people get their numbers and conditions under control. As a result, Esther found that her clients felt more energised, reduced blood sugar, reduced stress, fewer doctor’s visits and had stronger immune systems.

On today’s podcast Nicolette and Esther discuss the differences between their home countries in Africa and the North American health and lifestyles. North American having easy access to medication but Africa having the outside lifestyle, the downtime, the social. Esther tells us how she filled the gap she was seeing in the system, how the body can look after itself if you look after it. Esther teaches us the steps she takes with her patients and how simple it really can be, including food, stress, physical activity and sleep. People come to Esther and they get off their diabetes medication.

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