Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Ep. 80 Dr Richard Jacoby, why sugar is making us sick.

February 03, 2021

Dr. Richard Jacoby, DPM has treated thousands of patients with peripheral neuropathy. Now, he shares his insights as well as the story of how he connected the dots to determine how refined processed sugar is the common denominator of many chronic diseases. In his book, Sugar Crush, he offers a unique holistic approach to understanding the exacting toll refined sugar and refined carbs take on the body. Based on his clinical work, he breaks down his highly effective methods, showing how dietary changes reducing refined sugar and wheat, coinciding with an increase of good fats, can dramatically help regenerate nerves and rehabilitate their normal function.

Dr. Jacoby is one of the country’s leading peripheral nerve surgeons, specializing in progressive damage to the nerves that often results from diabetes. He has treated countless patients with the condition over the years and has successfully treated many patients who would have otherwise had to have an amputation.

Today Nicolette and Dr. Jacoby talk about how refined sugar is affecting the body and making people more susceptible to illnesses, such as COVID-19. Dr. Jacoby also highlights how North American’s are eating a diet which has 90% fructose compared to primates and our ancestors who ate mainly whole-food carbs. You’ll discover that Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Autism all have the same thing in common and you’ll learn all about what truly constitutes regenerative medicine and as well as the truth about stem cell therapy. Most importantly – learn first had that chronic disease is caused by diet and that the drugs we are given are simply a band aid when in fact, chronic illnesses are reversable with proper nutrition – AKA food.

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