Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Ep. 79 Dr. Lucy Lyons, Gerson Therapy, Autogenics and Total Healing

January 27, 2021

Dr. Lucy Lyons is a Vancouver based Physician, Neuroscientist, Autogenic Therapist, and International Wellness Champion. She qualified in Medicine and Neuroscience at University College London, UK and has 20 years of clinical experience. Lucy is also an active board member of Sea to Sky Thrivers, a Charity aimed at educating communities on how to use food as medicine to reverse chronic disease.

After being diagnosed with melanoma, Dr. Lyons researched and began following a plant-based whole-foods diet to heal herself. Lucy and Nicolette discuss how she has always been interested in health and wellness and how Dr. Lyons’ research led her to discover the Gerson Therapy. Having witnessed a healthcare system filled with both fantastic and not-so-fantastic doctors, Dr. Lyons gained the empathy and motivation to become the caring doctor she is today. Nicolette and Lucy also discuss how to overcome the shame and ridicule that is often projected when when you decide to take care of yourself holistically. Lucy leaves us with these wise words to empower us to take control of our own health: “You are living with an ancient body and mind in a modern world”.

Dr. Lyons also instructs her patients in Autogenics - Mental training exercises resulting in emotional off-loading. Patients learn to deactivate their sympathetic nervous system and work towards realising their authentic selves. Lucy also teaches Creativity Mobilization Technique or ‘mess’ painting which is done in a ‘no-thought state’ bringing the unconscious into consciousness. Find out more about both techniques on today’s podcast.

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