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Richard Brendan & Richard Rohr Interviews
June 26, 2022

Richard Brendan shares insights on Why Awareness of Death is the Secret of Life and replays his first interview with his favorite teacher Fr. Richard Rohr.

Richard Rohr Interview
June 25, 2022

Richard Brendan shares insights hes made on Why Awareness of Death is the Secret of Life and plays the first interview he did with his favorite teacher, Fr. Richard Rohr.

Maya Angelou Interview
June 19, 2022

Perhaps these keys will assist you toward your best life, and what Maya Angelou shares will certainly inspire your heart!

Kate McGahan Interview
May 21, 2022

Through Kate McGahans popular books, she is continually teaching her readers new ways of looking at themselves and those they love. You will never look at life, death or love the same way again.

Julia Butterfly Hill & Holly Near Interview
May 14, 2022

Richard Brendan celebrates JourneysFire Radios 20-year anniversary of Bringing Love to Life on 88.7fm WICR, with a full hour of information and inspiration with two powerful women; environmentalist Ju

Ali Schaffer Interview
May 07, 2022

Ali Schaffer shares an exciting project called Villages in Sanctuary, a school plus holistic and spiritual retreat center

Mark Dowd Interview
April 02, 2022

Dowd chronicles his fact-finding mission after the devastation of the 2004 tsunami in Thailand which was the deadliest in human history with over 230,000 deaths.

Molly Burke-Mattocks Interview
March 19, 2022

Molly Burke-Mattocks experienced something that no parent wants to go through. The death of their child.

Michele Neff Hernandez Interview
March 05, 2022

Richard Brendans special guest is Michele Neff Hernandez, a 2021 CNN Hero, gifted speaker, and committed advocate for the widowed and bereaved.

Leo Buscaglia Interview
February 19, 2022

Richard Brendan shares the annual replay of his conversation with his favorite teacher, Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.