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340: Gale Bonnell & Emily Wheeler, Dress for Success
February 22, 2024

For 20 years, Dress for Success Charlotte has been a champion of womens economic upward mobility.Its their vision that all women are economically self-sufficient, treated individually and with dign

339: Amy Johnson & Russ Little, Strata Project Management
February 15, 2024

If youve ever tried to DIY big a project, youre probably familiar with the feeling that youve taken on a little or even a lot more than you bargained for. The stakes might not be as high if you

338: Tim Rhodes, Novant Health Charlotte Marathon
February 08, 2024

Covid and the pandemic changed a lot about how we work, shop, go to school and even how we workout. One of the biggest booms during that time was in running. Depending on the report you read, 15 to

337: Stephen Cozzolongo, Digital Position
February 01, 2024

Like my old man says, at the end of the day, its all sales. Whether youre selling a product, a service, an idea or yourself. And sales (Im doing air quotes here) continues to evolve. - Retai

336: Miller Yoho, Charlotte Sports Foundation
January 25, 2024

If youre a sports fan in the Charlotte area, youre probably familiar with the Dukes Mayo Bowl, the Jumpman Invitational, or the ally Tipoff. - Events like this generate MILLIONS of dollars in dire

335: AW Burgess, Domestic Violence Consultant
January 18, 2024

Everyone loves a comeback story, and our next guest has one you will not want to miss. - With a promising future in collegiate and professional sports, our guest had that fairy tale derail when went

334: Mark Janik, Destination Marathons
January 11, 2024

Theres nothing like running in your own hometown. Waking up in your own bed. Enjoying breakfast in your own kitchen. Coming home to crash on your own couch you get it. - Its also pretty cool to run

333: Daniel Sarjeant & Brian Thomason, Bar Brands
January 04, 2024

Pop quiz for you here: This nearly 200 BILLION DOLLAR industry employs is responsible for more than 4 million jobs in the US and generates nearly $70 million in tax revenue every year. Any guesses??

332: Ben Kinney, Business NC
December 28, 2023

North Carolina has come a long, long way since it earned an economic reputation based on tobacco, furniture, and textiles. Agriculture and manufacturing still play a role but they share the spotlight

331: Adam Rhew, SouthPark Partners
December 21, 2023

For years, SouthPark has had the reputation of being a destination for high-end retail and restaurants, active neighborhoods and desirable schools. SouthPark is, of course, home to one of the most pop