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Data Science Ethics Podcast

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Encode Equity
March 29, 2022

Show Notes on Encode Equity Organizations have flocked to data science as a means of achieving unbiased results in decision-making on the premise that the data doesnt lie. Yet, as data is reflectiv

Tay Bot: A Cautionary Tale
January 30, 2020

Show Notes on Tay Bot Tay Bot was a very short-lived chat AI. Launched by Microsoft in 2016 with the goal of researching conversational speech online, it soon learned all-too-well from users that there is a very dark side to human nature on the interne...

Incorporate Inclusivity
January 16, 2020

Show Notes on Incorporate Inclusivity Data scientists develop algorithms that have broad reach across the population. Chances are that the data science team building these widely-impactful models are not, themselves,

Apple Credit Card and Unfair Limits
January 09, 2020

Show Notes on Apple Credit Card Apple recently decided to offer a branded Apple credit card in conjunction with Goldman Sachs. This is the first foray into consumer credit cards for both companies and all did not go according to plan.

Retain Responsibility
November 12, 2019

Show Notes on Retain Responsibility One of the core tenets of ethical behavior in data science revolves around the concept of needing to retain responsibility or accountability. A differentiator between our take on this and that most commonly conveyed ...

Data Ethics & Policy with Sheila Colclasure
September 17, 2019

Data is infinite. Digital is inevitable. Sheila Colclasure This week we are talking about the efforts underway around the world to promote ethical, accountable data use, the promise and terror of AI, the need for a universal translator, and much more.

Optimized Caffeine Consumption with 2B-Alert
August 01, 2019

Show Notes on 2B-Alert The US Army commissioned a study to find the optimal amount and timing of caffeine consumption for soldiers to maintain peak alertness. I have never been more proud of my tax dollars in all my life. Now,

Colleges Fake Data for Rankings
July 11, 2019

Episode 30: Colleges Fake Data for Rankings – Show Notes Going to college is a life-altering decision for young adults. They prepare themselves with academics, standardized tests, extracurricular activities,

Tesla Cars Store Unencrypted Data
June 19, 2019

Episode 29: Tesla Data Storage – Show Notes Tesla has given the world a new promise between its electric engine, sleek styling, and amazing autopilot. But under the hood lurks a dangerous secret. Every time a phone pairs with the vehicle,

Collect Carefully
May 22, 2019

Episode 28: Collect Carefully Show Notes The era of Big Data has meant the ability gathering and processing of vast stores of information about almost anything. It enables data scientists to bring e