Downtime - The Mountain Bike Podcast

Downtime - The Mountain Bike Podcast

Data Acquisition for Greg Minnaar and You – Rob Przykucki From Motion Instruments

June 30, 2020

Mountain bike data acquisition is the future, and enables you to understand what your bike is doing in order to get it set up to perform at it’s best. Motion Instruments are responsible for the system that Greg Minnaar uses on his bike, so you know that it’s going to be good, but they are also making systems that anyone can buy. I’m joined by one of their founders, Rob Przykucki, to find more. I sat down to chat with Rob about his background in bikes and business, and to find out how he went from being a product manager in a data storage firm to setting up Motion Instruments. His mission, to create accessible data acquisition kits to help us set up our suspension and get the most from our bikes. Find out what it takes to get something like this off the ground, how Greg Minnaar got involved and disrupted the direction of the project, and hear about some of the significant challenges along the way. Rob’s story is a real inspiration for anyone who’s not loving their day job, and wants to change things up and follow their passion. So hit play below and give this episode with Rob Przykucki a listen.

You can find out more about Motion Instruments at and you can check out their YouTube channel here or follow them on Instagram @motioninstruments.

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