Downtime - The Mountain Bike Podcast

Downtime - The Mountain Bike Podcast

Lockdown, How to Survive and Thrive – Jonny Thompson From Fit4Racing

April 02, 2020

How can you survive lockdown, or even thrive and make some improvements and gains? Well Jonny Thompson from Fit4Racing is here to help. We sat down to chat about ways to approach the lockdown period and cover things like the importance of scheduling, strength and conditioning, nutrition, cardio, mobility, mental health, meditation and plenty more. Jonny has made a short video on mobility too, which you can find here ‘How to Improve Mobility’. Also, as a super special lockdown offer, they are offering you 2 weeks free on any of their programmes, which are currently adapted to enable you to do them at home. So if you’ve always wanted to try the Fit4Racing training, or if you just want something to work on right now, then head to and check it out. Scroll down, hit play, and hopefully this gives you some things to help you through these crazy times!

This month the podcast is supported by CushCore. I’ve been riding CushCore for over a year now and I love the changes it makes to the way my bike rides. It’s more damped, carries momentum better through the rough stuff, and has more support in the turns. CushCore really does help you go bigger, corner harder and ride faster with total confidence! Check out their products at You can find our previous episode with CushCore founder and inventor Adam Krefting here.

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