Doses: Take a hit of humanity

Doses: Take a hit of humanity

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Ian, Murphy, Will, & Mary (& Aftab?)
January 25, 2019

In this episode, I will take you on an adventure sparked by four tabs of acid among friends. They quickly find themselves within a wonderland of politicians, movie stars, sobbing immigrants, and indie-rock.

January 23, 2019

Frances Fu is a drug reform advocate and educator. She is a big proponent of the “Just Say Know” campaign and the idea of reclaiming your identity as a drug user. She talks about how she has carried her identity as a drug dealer through all realms of h...

Pilot – Hannah
January 22, 2019

A collective of organizations within the harm-reduction space came together to develop a now-annual award — the Prometheus Award — to honor the efforts of Hannah Procell. This is the story of Hannah’s clash with her administration at New College in Flo...

Pilot – “Adrien”
January 22, 2019

Russell spent about a year corresponding with a drug dealer. Let’s call them “Adrien.” They were part of a small-time psychedelic manufacturing and trafficking operation in the United States. The intention of speaking with them was to help paint a bett...