DOC Sounds of Science Podcast

DOC Sounds of Science Podcast

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31: All things kākāpō part 2
April 03, 2024

Part 2 of our special with kkp scientist, Dr. Andrew Digby. We ask listeners questions about kkp, talk about some of the biggest wins and disappointments in kkp management, and learn new fac

30: All things kākāpō part 1
March 05, 2024

Dr. Andrew Digby does a deep dive on the science of kkp management, recalls weird behaviour hes observed from them in the field, and explains some of the big challenges the population are facing,

29: Summer supercut
December 20, 2023

To celebrate summer in Aotearoa, weve put together a supercut, packed to the brim with all the best bits from previous episodes.From cryptic species to sharks to seal productionthis supercut has s

28: Volcanology
December 19, 2023

Volcanologist Hollei Gabrielsen (Ngti Twharetoa, Ngti Whitikaupeka) on providing advice about volcanoes, particularly in Tongariro National Park; and how her whakapapa, heritage, informs her work.

27: In a galaxiid far, far away
November 13, 2023

Freshwater scientist Nixie Boddy on researching non-migratory galaxiids, native fish, and her adventures in the fieldsome of which involve costumes.Nixie has a huge amount of knowledge about how non

#26 Field yarns with Tim part 2
October 04, 2023

Kiwi expert Tim Raemaekers on the struggle that kiwi in Fiordland are facing and what impact 1080 has had in this area.Content warning: mention of gross stoat reproduction (not detailed) at 00:11:34

#25 Field yarns with Tim part 1
September 12, 2023

Kiwi expert and star of the Fiordland Kiwi Diaries, Tim Raemaekers, shares his incredible work stories about kkp, kiwi, and one very vampiric robin/toutouwai. Heads up, there's mention of blood (it

#24 Kiwi as
May 30, 2023

Ranger Chris Dodd (Doddy) on what its like to track and monitor rare kiwi birds in Aotearoa New Zealand.Doddy is a passionate kiwi conservationist who started his career working with seabirds on the

#23 Deals with seals
March 08, 2023

Marine biologist Laura Boren dives into her favourite topic, seals, and shares some on-the-job stories about this mischievous species.Laura has developed shelters for seals on Campbell Island, advoca

#22 Kaitiaki kauri, protecting the mighty kauri
December 13, 2022

Our mighty and iconic kauri is under threat from a notorious fungus-type pathogen. In our newest episode, ranger Hana Harris shares her passion for kauri and how you can help.For the full shownotes a