Industry News: Bidding Barneys a Farewell, Cancel Culture, and Meghan's Wimbledon Photo Ban

August 04, 2019

Happy Sunday! We're so glad to be back in the thick of this sweltering Dubai summer!

Helping me kick off season 2 of DM FM is Grace Gordon - Fashion Director, travel enthusiast, and overall human extraordinaire.

In this week's episode we're discussing, the likelihood of retail giant Barneys filing for bankruptcy, how this will continue to impact the ever-changing retail landscape, and what this suggests about evolving consumer behavior. Has the luxury e-commerce space killed brick and mortar flagships for good?

In other news, HRH Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex continues to be barraged by the public/ media for her unprecedented demands for privacy; most recently coming under fire for her infamous Wimbledon photo ban, as well as the less than welcoming social protocol put into place for fellow residents and neighbors in and around Windsor.

Grace and I also discuss the inherent toxicity of "cancel culture", and how this continues to affect audiences consuming the digital space.

Finally, we shed light on the concept of sustainability, and how I'm dubbing it the new sexy thing in fashion!