Distributed Conversations

Distributed Conversations

Tokenize Every Business Transaction? Telos Says We Can

December 03, 2020

Creating tokens has become as easy as setting up a website, blog or TikTok account. But what good is this doing business?

We know about tokens for rewards programs or to keep track of things and we know that we won't need programmers creating currencies for everything. Fintech is going to be huge, but just a tiny part of the things we count in business.

Enter Telos and an easy way to create smart contracts through their platform. Telos is a blockchain tuned to handle transactions at super fast speed and has the ability to scale beyond any assessment of transactions happening today.

Douglass Horn and I will talk about the future and how platforms such as TELOS will accelerated the growth of blockchain in the next few years.

Full discloser, I own a small amount of TLOS and advise companies building on the platform. It's not the only way to add blockchain but the smart contracts make it a current favorite.