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Disruption Now Episode 169: Encrypting Freedom
May 17, 2024

Step into the digital arena with John Cavanaugh, a renowned digital privacy and safety expert, on this episode of "Encrypting Freedom." Uncover the hidden pitfalls in your digital practices and learn how to fortify your data against the encroaching eyes o

Disruption Now Podcast Episode 168 - Creative Futures: AI as Threat or Catalyst?
May 03, 2024

Join Rob Richardson on this episode of Disruption Now as he sits down with Adam Kahn, Chief Creative Director at Grey Midwest, for a riveting discussion on artificial intelligence and its impact on the creative world. Together, they unpack whether AI is a

AI Disruption: Safeguarding Your Brand
April 26, 2024

In this episode of "Disruption Now," I interview entrepreneur Pete Blackshaw, who shares his pioneering journey of using AI to protect brands. Blackshaw discusses how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the industry, providing a glimpse into the fu

Disruption Now Episode 166: Identity Architecture
March 26, 2024

John Johnson is the founder of a small studio. He works with Niantic Labs, which brought us Pokemon Go. Learn how he launched a multi-million dollar design studio and shifted his career from architect to entrepreneur. We also delve into his recent scare w

Disruption Now Episode 165: Should we Ban TikTok?
January 24, 2024

Should we ban TikTok? Is it really as dangerous as some say, or is it just a strawman argument to distract us?Listen to our discussion. Let's hear from James Keys and Tunde Ogunlana.

Disruption Now Episode 164: Scaling Black Media Ownership
November 30, 2023

Group Black is dramatically transforming the face of media ownership and investment. Kerel Cooper is President of Advertising at Group Black, where he leads Group Black's revenue operations, revenue strategy and planning, and insights teams.What You Will

Disruption Now Episode 163: The False Poverty Narrative
November 16, 2023

Joshua Ogundu is an advocate of equity, as he believes that it starts with everyone. The common belief that most successful startup founders began their journey from poverty and worked their way up to the top creates unrealistic expectations and makes tru

Episode 162 I Human 2025 Iliana Oris Valiente
November 06, 2023

"THE WORLD IS CHANGING FAST, but it doesn't have to be scary." Iliana Oris Valiente (IOV) is an optimist for the future of tech and society. IOV wants to encourage humans to live happy, healthy, and purposefully designed lives in a world of endless possib

Disruption Now Episode 161: Igniting Human Connection
October 05, 2023

Kalista Zackhariyas isn't just envisioning a social media future centered on genuine human interactions she's crafting it. As the dynamic CEO of SparkSeeker, she's pioneering the way.Learn more at https://sparkseeker.com/

Disruption Now Episode 160: Quest for Justice Aswad Thomas
September 28, 2023

Meet Aswad Thomas, the indomitable Alliance for Safety and Justice Vice President. Once on the cusp of a glittering professional basketball career, a devastating gunshot wound forever altered his destiny. Yet, the injustice didn't end there. In his darkes