Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan

Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan

This disruptive tech started with a dance move

September 27, 2021

It's hard to get paid to do what you love.

Perhaps no one understands this better than dancers, but Taku Kodaira and his team at Mikro Entertainment are on a mission to fix that.

But this conversation, and Mikro Entertainment itself, is about much more than dance. Mikro's marketplace for dance moves is just the first application of Mikro's new motion-capture technology, and things are just getting started. Today, Taku and I talk about the surprising economics of dance moves, the adoption curve of disruptive technology, dance-move lawsuits. and one very important law that looks like it is about to change.

It's a great conversation, and I think you'll enjoy it.