Dispatches from the Multiverse

Dispatches from the Multiverse

Latest Episodes

Episode 74: The Cure
October 15, 2019

Max arrives a day "early" for "his" monthly meeting with Wilson at the University.

Episode 73: We’re here… Glomaggs
October 08, 2019

Max has his first experience in a dimension without humans.

Episode 72: You came here to save me!
October 01, 2019

Max joins a friendly fairy on her quest to fulfill a rescue wish.

Episode 71: We’ve been robbed!
September 24, 2019

Max arrives in another new dimension just as Wilson realizes that he has been robbed.

Episode 70: The Give-it-to-Me Hole
September 17, 2019

Wilson and his young ward summon Max. Sort of.

Episode 69: Nice
September 10, 2019

Wilson and his fiancée are unusually accommodating when Max very rudely interrupts their big day.

Episode 68: Agent 68
September 03, 2019

Chief Wilson mistakes Max for his top agent and sends him on an important mission with Agent 1999.

Episode 67: We all need the SQuAAT
August 27, 2019

Max tries to blend in during an ethically questionable office brainstorming session.

Episode 66: You’re… feral?
August 20, 2019

Max drops in on Wilson and his aloof superior.

Episode 65: NO NOSES!
August 13, 2019

Max drops in on Wilson and his lab partner in the middle of a groundbreaking experiment.