Digital Business Acceleration Podcast

Digital Business Acceleration Podcast

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Episode 49: Blocked, Suspended, and Upended – The Problem with Building Your Business on Facebook
August 11, 2020

If your business is dependent on Facebook groups, we’re here to tell you that: 1) you’ve built your business out of straw, and 2) it’s just waiting for the Big Bad Wolf to come blow it down. We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings,

Episode 48: Do Your Marketing Messages Match Up?
August 04, 2020

We see it often and a lot… people who are doing all the right things – blogging or podcasting, posting on social media, and have a nice website – but they aren’t making any sales because they’re confusing the heck out of their customers!

Episode 47: Real Answers to Your Marketing Questions – Part 3
July 29, 2020

In this episode, we’re finishing up our marketing challenges Q + A series with some laser coaching for our listeners who are challenged by: narrowing the focus of their business, reaching their target audience, capitalizing on their YouTube success,

Episode 46: How to Monetize Your Expertise – The Essentials
July 21, 2020

Your knowledge and expertise can be worth a fortune IF you know how to package and market them, and you know precisely who you want to market them to. Even better: You can be earning money from your business while you’re still at your corporate job,

Episode 45: Real Answers to Your Marketing Questions – Part 2
July 15, 2020

If your business doesn’t have many (or any!) sales or clients, that’s definitely a challenge, and the issue is probably in your marketing – and it may also be your mindset. In this episode, we continue with last week’s topic by addressing more of your ...

Episode 44: Real Answers to Your Marketing Questions – Part 1
July 07, 2020

IMPORTANT: This episode is especially for authors, speakers, thought leaders, subject matter experts, and others who have a message to share with the world, who feel called to inspire others, and who want to make a difference with their brainpower and ...

Episode 43: Untangle the Mess in Your Digital Life
June 30, 2020

Out here in these digital streets, folks are making a mess by grabbing whatever they can to make it work at the time. We see it all the time… People start their digital business on the cheap and in a hurry because they’re short on cash and out of time,...

Episode 42: Membership Programs (Part 2) – 6 Types to Consider Selling
June 23, 2020

In our previous episode, we introduced membership programs – where you receive income, month after month, by continuously providing content to your subscribers or members. That episode and this one are especially for you if you’ve had a long career in ...

Episode 41: Membership Programs (Part 1) – Your Key to Easy Monthly Income
June 17, 2020

If you’re signed up with Netflix, Hulu, or Lynda, then you know what it’s like to pay a small amount of money each month to access a whole lot of interesting content. But have you considered what it’s like to be on the receiving end of money that’s pai...

Episode 40: Level Up Your Life with a Personal PR Plan
June 11, 2020

In this season of new normals, the odds are that you’re either looking for a job, trying to keep your job, or aiming for a better one … or maybe you’re trying to start a business, grow a business, or just keep your business afloat. Look,